Your Fear

Last Night I read a blog that called this county e-magazine, in their topics about teacher who forced student made a blog. I’m really shocked after reading one by one paragraph until in comment box. In 18 comments about 4 comments had give bad score about that teacher attitudes, but vice versa gave good score with common sense reason.Yeah, I simply to make a judge that teacher was …. ! 😆

Until I saw some name on it and I still remember who they are …who gave bad comments 👿 …
I think we’ll see each other soon !  … They studied in YK … maybe after the Merapi Accident they had vacanted to this town and may be affraid to come see his school because one reason 😆

Pity of them !

And I Learn what to do if I met them again. We will see soon after this break !

Until We meet again.

I’m very sorry if in this post, our readers confuse and just ignore it !